Joe Burrow Rumored To Be Engaged To Long-Term Girlfriend & Women Across The Internet Are UNWELL

Joe Burrow Bengals
Olivia Holzmacher

Enter thousands of heartbroken women.

While there is still no confirmation about the engagement, rumors are spreading faster than you can say “JoeyB” that Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow has locked it down with long-term girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher.

A submission to Deuxmoi, a pop culture blog, and podcast, was sent in anonymously detailing the following:

 “There’s talk around this smaller market in sports city that their star quarterback is engaged to his long-term girlfriend. 

Apparently, the QB’s jeweler (whose account is on private right now) posted a picture of the ring and tagged him, which makes people convinced he popped the question.

His girl has also been spotted wearing the ring around town. But, for now, they are keeping things lowkey.”

After this was shared with Deuxmoi’s 2 million followers, the internet entered a frantic Google search to confirm if rumors were true, along with the five stages of grief realizing JoeyB could be off the market (granted, he has been since he and Olivia have been together since 2017).

TikTok has been the chosen platform that highlights all of the emotions fans of the Bengals QB are feeling.

The heartbreak…

@realaidancarpenter crying and throwing up rn don’t talk to me #fypシ #nyc #joeburrow ♬ La Leçon Particulière – b

@leethebee03 im okay (im in so much pain) #joeburrow #engaged #bengalsfootball #fypシ ♬ sound of being in love – Crow


@tiktokpjdelusional levels are off the charts for these girls♬ original sound – Montana weeks

@gracieee_b rip gophers shes about to go demon time #fyp #universityofminnesota #gophers #ncaasoccer #unh ♬ original sound – Barstool Sports


@bellatirico Today is a sad day #joeburrow #joeburrowengaged ♬ I heart everyone under this sound – nathan


@tiktokpjdelusional levels are off the charts for these girls

♬ original sound – Montana weeks

I have a feeling the internet will stay in a tizzy until it is confirmed…say it is, or ain’t so, Joe.

It looks like two of the internet’s favorite people are off the market now with confirmation of Olivia Dunne dating Paul Skenes.

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