Jelly Roll Continues Weight Loss Journey Amidst Backroad Baptism Tour, Has Lost 23 Pounds In Past Two Weeks

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Jelly Roll is currently touring across the country on his Backroad Baptism Tour, and though life on the road can often be tough, Jelly is using the time to better himself.

Long before he started touring the nation with his new album Whitsitt Chapel, Roll knew that he wanted to improve to better himself, his wife Bunnie XO, and his fans that would come watch him perform. He sent out what was then a “tweet” and is now a “post” back in February, saying:

“Just know that I’m doing my part. I’m working out daily… praying and meditating…Eating better, losing weight.

Making sure I bring the best version of me on my new album and this tour…this what growth and gratitude look like in real time.”

Based on the new update that was posted just yesterday, Jelly Roll is sticking to that promise and has really set the tone during his first two weeks of touring. His last stop was in St. Louis, Missouri at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, and the video that was shared on his socials let fans know that the weight loss journey is going quite well.

Jelly Roll’s nutritionist Ian Larios was featured in the very beginning of the video recapping the visit to the “Gateway to the West,” saying:

“Another successful weigh-in for Jelly, just passed the two week mark. So far this tour, he’s lost 23 pounds.”

Pretty impressive feat for Jelly Roll, who is clearly looking to change his life and lifestyle for the better. If he’s already lost over 20 pounds in just two weeks, there’s no telling how much weight he can drop during the rest of the tour.

The video (which also features a visit from Ed BassMaster, as well as Jelly helping his wife with her first meet and greet) was shared on Roll’s official Instagram account with the caption:

“Mama bear did her first meet and greet. Weight loss update and song writing in St Louis, for the 15th sold out show in row on the Backroad Baptism tour. Show 15 of 44, let’s goooooo.”

Congrats to Jelly Roll on the accomplishment.

When losing weight, every pound is a crucial and important step in the right direction, so 23 pounds is definitely worthy of celebrating.

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