Jelly Roll Details How He Met His Wife Bunnie XO In A Bar: “Just Sat On My Lap… And Bunnie’s Got That Thing On Her”

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Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll is one of the biggest names in all of music right now, especially after his latest album release where he went full country with Whitsitt Chapel.

His meteoric rise to stardom has been pretty impressive, but he always makes sure to let people know that he couldn’t do it without his wife Bunnie XO. She’s had quite the successful run in recent years as well, to the point where Jelly said that he was the “Gold Digger” in the relationship.

And Jelly Roll is, without a doubt, his wife’s biggest fan.

He shared a “Bunnie Appreciation Post” back in July saying:

“A lot is often said or made about my story , but the truth is, I’ve never been moved more by a story than the story of my wife. To watch what this woman has overcame and her passion and determination to be something better has inspired me from the moment I met her.

She saved me in one of the darkest times of my life. She has been nothing but supportive.”

So when Jelly Roll was a guest on Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant with Akaash Singhm, which is a comedy podcast that promises “unfiltered, unapologetic, and unruly” conversations that are delivered “straight to your dome piece,” it was not out of the norm for him to open up and tell the story of how he and Bunnie XO met.

The country star said:

“I got the coolest girl on Earth. We met at a bar dude, like f**king 1972. I’m doing a soft-ticket show on Fremont Street (Las Vegas), nobody’s there to see me. I was just immediately attracted to her.

They were just at the bar, and then one night, she shot her shot. She came into the room we were all in and just sat on my lap. And you know, Bunnie’s got that g**damn THING on her. Bunnie’s got that THING on her.”

Jelly then gets into some “specifics” about what was going on in his pants when she sat on his lap, which I will let you hear for yourself. It’s probably better for you to hear Jelly say it, rather than reading it here anyways.

After getting through some commentary about “that thing on her” he continued:

“And then we ended up at a little bar that night, and had a couple of drinks and she kissed me.

We went back to the house and she tried to f**k me. And I was like hold on, hold on, hold on… “

Ah, true love at its finest…

Gotta love Jelly Roll… always keeping it real. Authenticity seems pretty hard to come by these days, especially in show business, and Jelly Roll, as well as his wife Bunnie XO, are some of the realest mf’ers in the business.

Take a look:

He went on to explain more about how they actually figured out that 5-year plan the next morning, after the first night they met, and damn it if they didn’t knock it out of the park. But most importantly, they knocked it out of the park… together.

Jelly got choked up talking about it, and it’s hard not to get a little misty-eyed yourself:

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