Watch A Wolverine Fight Off A Wolf In Epic Slow Motion Video

Wolves fight off a woverine
The Footage Company

Man, wolverines are incredible.

Known to take out animals many times their size, they are fiercely protective over their territory and are willing to throw down with any creature at a moment’s notice.

In North America, most wolverines live in Northern Canada and Alaska, however some have dipped down into Montana, Idaho and parts of Washington and Wyoming. In that environment, they naturally come face to face with some of the most fearsome killing machines on the planet like bear and wolves.

But those predators are often shocked with the insanity of these small creatures, like this wolf was when it got too close to a wolverine’s den.

The wolf approaches without a care in the world, probably smelling something and hoping he can score a quick snack, but is smacked in the face, literally, by an absolute psychopath… a cage fighter of the animal kingdom.

The wolf is able to grab a hold of him a few times, but the wolverine is able to get out and the return fire with his sharp teeth and claws, scrambling underneath the wolf and even rolling him over.

Quickly, the wolf realizes this is no easy meal and decides to move on with his day. The wolverine returns to his home triumphant yet again, having proved that it’s not always about size.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of crazy.

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