Colby Acuff Announces ‘Western White Pines’ Deluxe Album With New Single “Movin'”

Colby Acuff country music
Matthew Berinato

All gas no brakes for Colby Acuff this summer.

Amidst a non-stop touring schedule, the up and coming troubadour dropped his major label debut record with Sony Music Nashville titled Western White Pines. The fourth album to his catalog, and perhaps his best yet, Colby Acuff’s 10-track record was proof that his move from Idaho to Tennessee not too long ago was probably worth the gamble.

Now, just two months after the release of Western White Pines, Acuff is already back with new music, as part of an deluxe record produced by Eddie Spear (Zach Bryan, Cody Jinks) and recorded at Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios:

“The whole project has always been a completion of 16 songs in my mind. The story of ‘Western White Pines’ is not one you can get with one go round.

These extra 6 really round out the project as a whole and complete the story. It was always meant to be this way.”

His latest single “Movin’” is presumably an ode to this notion of running down his dream, packing things up at home and heading east to pursue a bigger and better career in music. Laden with tasteful harmonies and intricate instrumentation, Acuff’s new track has a catchy chorus and authentic lyricism in what seems like a loose account of his life as of late.

Check out his new single “Movin’” below.

“Well, in this life the road you take is hard to choose
But you gotta jump right in, like you got nothin’ to lose
Well, it’s you and me and the dog makes three, just chasin’ down a song
Baby we’re movin,’ movin’ on…”

Colby Acuff has had quite the last few months, and as the season comes to an end, “Movin’” is the perfect cap to a memorable summer for Acuff.

One that I am confident he will look back on fondly in a few years as a time that really catapulted his career trajectory to the next level. The proof is in the music with this guy, so in case you haven’t listened to his album Western White Pines, I’ve included a few of my favorites below.

“Welcome To Tom’s”

“Outlaw in Me”

“Western White Pines”

And while we’re on the subject, make sure you take the next opportunity you have to see Colby Acuff live.

His recorded music is great in its own right, but he and his band kick it up a notch or two live, and it’s a must see show for any fan of live music. Acuff still has quite a few shows left on the schedule this year, and I’m sure there’s more to announce.

Not to mention the shows he just announced opening for Luke Combs next spring and summer.

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