Colby Acuff Releases Highly-Anticipated Album ‘Western White Pines’

Colby Acuff country music
Matthew Berinato

If you aren’t listening to Colby Acuff yet, consider this a wake up call.

The up and comer has all the momentum in the world behind him at the moment, and he just released his highly anticipated record Western White Pines at the perfect time.

What could very well be a breakthrough record for Acuff, who recently moved from Idaho to Nashville, Western White Pines features 10 tracks that will take you on a sonic adventure through Acuff’s life.

With songs that range from honky tonk heaters that’ll fire you up for a good time, to lyrically thought-provoking ballads that’ll slow things down, Western White Pines has everything you could ever want from a country record and more.

It may be his major label debut with Sony Music Nashville, but don’t let that fool you. Acuff is as authentic as it comes, and it shows in his music.

Check out the tracklist for Western White Pines below.

“Western White Pines”

“One Day at a Time”

“Playing God Again”

“Outlaw in Me”

“Boy and a Bird Dog”

“Better Man”

“Hard Livin’ Life”

“Welcome to Tom’s”

“All I Got”

“Rollin’ With the Wind”

Now that’s a record right there.

Acuff may mostly be known for his hit song “If I were the Devil” right now, but with his major label debut behind him, his Grand Ole Opry debut coming soon, and a huge summer of big time tour dates, Acuff is soon to be known for much more than just a single song. And if Western White Pines doesn’t catapult him onto a bigger stage somehow, then it’ll definitely get him going in the right direction.

As he sings on the record in “All I Got,” “I’ve been blessed with a damn good honky tonk band and I’ll be coming to a city near you soon,” so go out and catch him live.

I’ll vouch for Acuff and the fellas, he’s got one of the best bands in the business, and now that he’s got plenty of new tunes to work into the set, their show will keep getting better and better.

One of the best albums of the years so far, Western White Pines is more than enough proof that Colby Acuff is on to something special, and everything seems to be coming together for him at the moment.

It’s great to watch the good guys win.

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