Dallas Cowboys’ Star LB Micah Parsons Throws Punches With Teammate At Training Camp

Micah Parsons

Before Carrie Underwood asks all of us if we are “ready for some football” here in a couple more weeks, NFL teams actually have to get ready for the season themselves.

That warm-up period usually happens during training camp, where stars of the game take limited reps to get back into the swing of things, and other players fight for the right to be a part of the 53-man-roster at the end of August.

Usually scuffles that take place in practice happen with players that are competing with one another for roster spots, but this one out of the Dallas Cowboys training camp actually happened between two of their biggest stars.

It’s not unusual for tensions to run high before the season begins, but seeing two of the Cowboys’ most recognizable names getting into it like this is actually a little concerning. We’ve already seen star cornerback Trevon Diggs call Dak Prescott a b*tch, as well as a scuffle break out just yesterday that ended with a defensive end being flat on their back.

If you are a Cowboys fan and you are seeing all these incidents, you are trying to spin it and say that it’s “good for the team” to have high competitiveness amongst the guys. If you happen to like any other team in the NFL, or just sometimes enjoy hating on “America’s Team,” you are loving all of the turmoil that is coming out of Dallas’ training camp.

Here we have linebacker Micah Parsons absolutely wailing on center Tyler Biadasz, adding another funny addition to the “punching someone with a football helmet on actually hurts you more than them” video collection.

I don’t know what started it, but Parsons looks to be completely beside himself as he throws back-to-back-to-back hooks on Biadasz. The center barely has any time to react before some other teammates make their way into the fight to break things up.

Check it out:

That’s some “Rock’em Sock’em” style punching right there…

After the fight, which was apparently the second dust-up of the practice, quarterback Dak Prescott pulled Micah Parsons aside and spoke with him to set things straight. That’s at least a good look for a Cowboys team who has looked to be at each other’s throats during training camp.

Take a look:

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