Brawl Breaks Out At Dallas Cowboys Training Camp After Defensive End Got Put Flat On His Back

Dallas Cowboys

NFL training camp is all about figuring out team chemistry and trimming down the roster to 53 players by the end of August.

Most NFL stars just use the time to get warmed up, but for the players that are fighting for a roster spot, things get pretty tense. Trying to get to know potential teammates while also competing with them creates natural tension, which is why training camp fight videos are usually a dime a dozen this time of the year.

So leave it to “America’s Team” in the Dallas Cowboys to give us one of the best training camp fight videos so far. During a drill, a little extracurricular activity by some defensive and offensive players morphed into an all out brawl, with even a couple of punches being thrown.

Defensive end Sam Williams came blasting through the line of scrimmage, beating offensive lineman Brock Hoffman to the spot.  Number 67 wasn’t too happy about it, swatting at the defensive end once the play was over. The two players then start to get into it, prompting offensive lineman Tyler Biadasz to fly in from out of nowhere and knock Williams right on his ass.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a person go from standing vertically to laying horizontally so quickly. It all happened so fast, and the defensive squad wasn’t happy about it. The two different groups dressed in black and white jerseys converge where the scuffle started, and things get ugly fast.

If you were Coach Deion Sanders, you would encourage behavior like this. However, the NFL coaches that are there quickly do their best to break up the fight before anything more serious happens. I feel bad for all the coaches without helmets and pads on diving right into the middle of the fight between gigantic men who happen to be sporting helmets and pads.

You definitely want your players to have a little fire in them out on the field, so maybe this display isn’t all that bad. And in defense of the players out on the field, the sport of football is about as violent as it gets, so why do people get so upset when they just turn the “violence notch” up a little bit more?

Take a look at the Dallas Cowboys training camp brawl below:

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