Dallas Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs Tells QB Dak Prescott To “Shut Your B*tch Ass Up” During Training Camp

Dak Prescott

One of the biggest parts about NFL training camp is developing team chemistry, and the exact opposite seems to be happening for the Dallas Cowboys, A.K.A. “America’s Team.”

The good news is that the Cowboys still have 36 days until the season starts to try and get their star quarterback and standout defensive player to stop yelling at each other.

This video seems to portray some potential animosity between Dak Prescott and Trevon Diggs, with the corner back using a not-so-nice nickname to describe the team’s QB in the exchange.

Now this could also be a classic case of “catching the second guy,” since we only really hear what Diggs said and have no idea what Prescott could have told the opposing defense after rushing for a few yards in a live game drill.

It could also just be a classic case of competitiveness, where the leader of the offense is just doing his job and talking some smack while the leader of the Cowboy’s defense is defending himself and his squad. However, it does seem like there might be some tension between the two, considering Diggs’ delivery of the line, and what he said to his team’s quarterback.

As Prescott scrambles after rolling out to his right in the training camp drill, he advances the ball a couple of yards before being stopped by some defensive backs.

Considering the nature of the play and that Dak ended up not passing and rushing the ball, he might have been talking some trash about Diggs knowing the play and not playing defense naturally.

Whatever it was that Prescott said, it seemed to get under Trevon’s skin, because he fired back a sound that I’m not sure how to describe, then yelled at the quarterback:

“Shut your bitch ass up.”

You can also see that Prescott throws the ball at Diggs as he runs back onto the field, which adds another level of “was that a joke, or was that for real?”

If you are Cowboys fan and you are watching this, you are hoping that its just a friendly (?) competition and the guys are enjoying going after one another. If you are a fan of any of the other 31 NFL teams, you are seeing this and rejoicing that “America’s Team” could be tearing itself apart before the season even begins.

You’ll have to watch the clip for yourself and see what you think it is:

Nothing to worry about? Or a lot to worry about? It’s got to be one or the other.

Fans on Twitter were weighing in on the verbal exchange, with some defending the Cowboys, and most poking fun that the team in Dallas might already be in mid-season, falling apart form:

Regardless of what the interaction did or did not mean, I’m just ready for NFL football to get here.

And to be able to bet against the Cowboys…

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