Coyote Holds Its Own With Mountain Lion In Epic Battle Of Predators

Coyote fights off a mountain lion
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Before watching this video, if you had asked me who wins in a coyote versus mountain lion fight, I would have said with 100% certainty the mountain lion.

Bigger, faster, stronger, I mean all of the attributes seem to line up perfectly for the big cat, however it appears a coyote is more capable than I once thought.

A video was uploaded a few years back of these two predators coming to blows in Datle, New Mexico. The man filming was driving past in his truck when he heard some strange noises and saw the two starting to fight.

Unfortunately, it took him a few seconds to get the brawl in frame, so the video starts with the coyote already on top, pinning the lion to the ground. You can see the damage on his face, so it wasn’t just one lucky strike that put him down, seems the coyote got a few good ones in.

The video (which is so shaky it might make your face go numb) continues with the two going back and forth, the mountain lion able to break free, get some good offensive strikes in and cause the coyote to take off down the road for a victory.

Yes, the mountain lion came out on top of this one, and the coyote ran off, but I cannot believe the coyote was able to not only hold his own, but win a few moments. If we brought the judges in, I’m thinking a few may score a round of two for the underdog.

Nature, man…

Just when you think you’re starting to understand it, something like this throws you for a loop…

Coyote Steals Hunter’s Downed Buck

That’s a big kick to the shins.

A lad would be pretty upset with himself after this one.

I mean, imagine, you’re hunting public land probably nearly sitting on top of 10 other hunters all chasing the same big boy you all know is in the area. Then finally, the ol’ buck steps out. You take the shot, you are confident in the shot, but he runs.

This is a typically occurrence in hunting. Many times, even with a great kill shot, the things can run for a good distance. Sometimes with even little blood.

This creates challenging situations but that’s half the fun of hunting. The challenge and decisions that come with it.

This hunter experienced one of these situations while out for a bow hunt. He shot a beauty buck but it went for a run.

As dark came on, the hunter decided that the buck could have run far and that he was going to come back in the morning to find him.

That turned out to be a big mistake.

When he got back in the morning the hunter found the buck only 120-yards from where he shot it. Except the whole deer wasn’t there…

The coyotes had themselves at late night snack. And it’s hard to blame them, a fresh large deer down sounds like a good meal to me.

The hunter is devastated with the outcome, but its just one of those situations.

The buck ended up being a monster 12-point.

But, hey at least the meat didn’t go to waste…

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