Mako Shark Swimming 50 MPH Keeps Pace With A Boat In Rare Video

Mako Shark
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That certainly isn’t the thing I want to see swimming towards me. Michael Phelps wouldn’t even have a chance…

Mako sharks ain’t nothing to mess with. They are apex predators, meaning nothing out there hunts them. They can grow up to 15 feet and weigh over 1,100 pounds.

That’s a massive creature.

To match their size, they have insane speeds. Makos have even been referred to as the “cheetahs of the ocean.” They have been recorded reaching speeds up to 60 miles per hour.

Despite their size and the fact they are deadly predators, there are few run ins with people. Makos live in deeper water and rarely come to shallow areas where humans usually are. Makos will generally only attack if they are provoked.

This video however, captures the incredible speed of this massive ocean predator.

The clip shows a mako shark swimming directly behind a boat in an underwater view.

The shark effortlessly keeps up with the boat that is said to be moving at 50 miles per hour, not mention the boat’s propeller is probably slowing the shark down a little too.

That’s one fast shark.

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