Aaron Watson Pulls Out Insane AC/DC Impression For Cover Of “Thunderstruck”

Aaron Watson country music
Aaron Watson

A little western… a little rock and roll.

Does anyone else have mild PTSD when they hear this song from college drinking games… or just me?

However, this cover of the iconic AC/DC song “Thunderstruck” by Aaron Watson is making those scaries subside.

A year ago, a video went viral of Watson covering the song, and the tune has become the hit it has become among crowds leading him to keep it in his setlist. Most recently, he just resurfaced the original clip on TikTok, giving it some deserved additional playtime.

“Even cowboys like a little rock and roll.” 

Of course, being the Texas country artist that Watson is, he had to put his own spin on it.

After the first verse of “Thunderstruck,” Watson leads into a melody of some classic hits, starting off with Alabama’s “If You’re Gonna Play In Texas (You Have To Have A Fiddle In The Band).” As soon as the crowd recognizes the song, they go ballistic, singing each word with their chest.

Next, he goes into arguably the most recognizable Alabama song, “Dixie Land Delight,” before bringing melody home with Charlie Daniel’s legendary “Devil Went Down To Georgia.”

The whole set is ROCKING.

The energy from Aaron Watson and his band is matched (maybe even exceeded) by the crowd, leading to a foot-stompin’, beer in the air, good time.

I still have my jaw on the floor from his impersonation of AC/DC’s lead singer, Brian Johnson… it is beyond spot on.

If he ever decided to bail on his career in country music, he could make a lead of an AC/DC killer cover band.

Check out another performance of “Thunderstruck.” The crowd is electric every time.

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