GoPro Camera Falls From Skydiving Plane & Lands Face Up In A Pig Pen

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I’ve got a million questions about this footage, but regardless of how much sense it does or doesn’t make, it’s a very cool video.

I was trying to figure out what the best way to go about this story would be, and I’ve decided that being open with my confusion and bringing as many of my questions to the table would be the best course of action. After watching the video multiple times, these were the things that were eating at me and needed to be answered:

-Is that a skydiving plane?

-Was the original intention to drop the camera? Or was it an accident?

-Why did the video look so strange as it was falling to the Earth?

-What are the odds of the camera landing face up? How did the camera continue to work after it fell 10,000 feet to the ground?

-What are the odds that it plopped down into a pig pen, and why did one of the pigs try to eat the camera?

-If the camera would have hit one of the pigs, would it have killed it?

Now I know for you to read all of those questions and not yet have seen the video, you might be a touch confused. Let me assure you that watching the clip itself won’t make it any less confusing.

With that being said, I will try my best to utilize my professional ability of “assuming things” and try to get to the bottom of this video. Over 3.5 million people have viewed it and probably had the same questions as I do (or they just watched it, chuckled, and kept scrolling), so I don’t mind taking charge and figuring this thing out.

First up, it does look like a skydiving plane to me. I certainly wouldn’t know from experience, but the way the full side opens up definitely make it appear to be a plane meant to be jumped out of. Now when it comes to whether or not the camera was meant to be dropped, that’s a pretty tough one.

Based on the evidence and context we have in the beginning of the video, which is the person holding the camera and flipping it off, one might guess that it was meant to be dropped. Maybe whoever found it was supposed to open it up and see a video of a man flipping off the camera, and it was all “for the meme.”

The video looked so strange as it fell down to Earth because there was nothing stabilizing it against the sheer force of the wind, so the constant movement of the lens accidentally caused an optical illusion of sorts. As for the odds of the camera landing face up on the ground, someone asked the same question and answered it below the post:

We’ll just take that guy’s word for it…

“How did the camera continue to work” is the million dollar question. I’m guessing the thing was a GoPro, which are notorious for being as indestructible as a Nokia phone. If it is, GoPro needs to use this footage as their next advertisement, and now that I think about it, for the rest of time.

And finally, the best part of the clip is when it violently plops down into a pig pen. The mud of the pig sty probably helped soften the landing for the camera, but the fact that it just so happened to land in it is hilarious.

How do you know that it lands in a pig pen? Well, you find out pretty quick, as a curious pig comes over to check it out only seconds after it hits the ground. I guess I would be pretty observant too if a flying projectile landed in the place I wandered around in every day, which is otherwise only used for eating and rolling in mud.

The most enjoyable part of the video is the very end, when the pig tries to eat the camera that just survived the 10,000 foot fall. It would be a pretty poetic ending to the camera’s life if it somehow made it through the fall out of an airplane, but then fell victim to a pig who thought it was a snack from the heavens.

And yes, if the camera would have landed on one of the pigs from that high up, it would have killed it. I know you were excited for me to answer that question…

Hopefully I properly prepared you for the chaotic and comical video, which is linked below. Enjoy:

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