William Beckmann Exceeds The Hype With New Album ‘Here’s To You. Here’s To Me.’

William Beckmann country music
William Beckmann

Have you heard William Beckmann’s new record yet? If not, you’re missing out.

Hailing from Del Rio, TX, the border town crooner’s latest album, Here’s To You. Here’s To Me, features seven honky tonk heaters that’ll take you on a trip back in time with Beckmann’s refreshingly old school sound.

A highly-anticipated project with plenty of impressive co-writes and people behind the scenes, like producer Oran Thronton who has recently worked with Brent Cobb and Kaitlin Butts among others, Here’s To You. Here’s To Me. exceeds the hype that has surrounded it, just as Beckmann has continued to do throughout his young career.

With song content that covers an array of topics, yet coalesces into one seamlessly cohesive project, the real highlight here is Beckmann’s top tier voice that is just waiting to be recognized by the masses. And something tells me that’ll happen sooner rather than later.

Beckmann took to Instagram upon the release of his third record to thank some of the people involved in the making of the record and to pay tribute to one of country music’s late great songwriters.

“New record dropped today! Super proud of these songs and all the people involved in making it.

To all my co-writers, thank you for taking the time to write with this kid from Del Rio. Nick Walsh, Jim Bell Jr., Randy Montana, Jeremy Spillman. To my friend Keith Gattis, we miss you like crazy man. Even with this Texas heat it’s still January without you here. Thank you for letting me give that song a shot.

My producer Oran Thornton knocked it out of the park. Thank you my friend. Lastly big shoutout to my boy Andrew Thorpe who dressed me up and took me to a bar with his camera to take this crazy shot of me.

I hope y’all love this record as much as I loved making it! Crank it up.”

Gattis, a legendary songwriter who passed away tragically at just 52 years old in a tractor accident this past April, is the mastermind behind the record’s third track “It’s Still January.”

While Beckmann chose to record the song well before Gattis’ passing, it took on a whole new meaning just two days after its release when Gattis’ fatal accident took place.

Without further ado, check out the tracklist for Here’s To You. Here’s To Me and give some off my favorites a listen below.

“Damn This Heart of Mine”

“Leaving Kansas”

“It’s Still January”

“Bad Dreams & Amphetamines”

“She Can’t Be Found”

“Tennessee Drinkin’”

“The Party”

All in all, William Beckmann’s latest project Here’s To You. Here’s To Me is a spectacular project and another step in the right direction as Beckmann continues to impress and find his spot in the world of country music.

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