Steph Curry Balls Out On Stage With Paramore For “Misery Business” Performance

Steph Curry
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What can’t Steph Curry do?

The Golden State Warriors star is already the greatest shooter in NBA history, has been absolutely dominate on the Pro-Am golf circuit, and just yesterday showed off some stage presence when Paramore rolled through San Francisco’s Chase Center.

The rock band fronted by Hayley Williams was one of the biggest acts of the 2000’s and 2010’s thanks to a number of hit songs, like “That’s What You Get”, “Still Into You”, and “Ain’t It Fun” (not to mention my personal favorite “Brick By Boring Brick”) but if there’s one song that sums up what the band is, it has to be “Misery Business”.

Released on their second album titled Riot!, it peaked at number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is now certified 6x platinum by RIAA.

While all of their show is high energy, things get to a fever pitch when “Misery Business” comes on, but last night in the home of the Warriors, Steph Curry walked onstage to guest feature on the song.

To say the crowd went nuts would be an understatement, which is pretty impressive given when I went to see Paramore it was pretty much all angsty teenage girls (although that was years back in high school). Maybe it’s one of those situations where 20-something girls drag their boyfriends, fiancées, and husbands to the show with them to relive the glory days, but regardless, he got quite the pop.

When it was his time to sing, I can’t say he should quit his day job, but he certainly gave it his all and showed a great amount of stage presence, jumping around and getting the crowd going.

It turns out he and his now wife Ayesha listened to Paramore on one of their first dates and the band even played at Steph’s 30th birthday party back in 2018. In fact, that party was so wild that the Warriors cancelled practice the next day so everyone could recover.

It’s always awesome when an athlete gets on stage with a big act but it’s even cooler when they go all out.

Tip of the old cap to Steph Curry.

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