Bass Angler Grabs Largemouth Lunker With His Bare Hand After He Loses It Near The Boat

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Quick thinking, quicker hands.

There’s no worse feeling than losing a fish right at the last second. You work so hard to put the bait in the right spot time and time again until one eventually takes it. You set the hook, keep the line tight, and get it right next to you when out of nowhere it pops off and swims away, leaving you with another “What if?” fishing story and the feeling of disappointment on your tongue.

But every now and then a hero emerges from the grasp of defeat and strikes back, turning a low point into the highest of highs, like we see in this video.

The clip starts with the huge largemouth already at boat side when the lure pops out of his mouth. Obviously not good news, but the massive fish was so tired from the fight that he remained at the surface with his mouth open for just a second and the fisher made his move.

He thrust his hand down into the water and brought it back up with a glorious roar, the fish secured in his grip.

Sure, he could have and should have treated the bass a bit better as holding one that big by the lip can break its jaw, but my goodness what a moment.

I’m sure we’ve all dreamed of doing that but now this guy forever has the video which proves he was able to pull it off.

Tip of the cap to you, sir.

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