Otter Attack In Montana Requires One Woman To Be Airlifted To The Hospital, Injures Two Others

otter attack
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Is anyone else getting concerned with all of these “animals fight back against humans” stories that are popping up on the news all the time?

First it was all the orcas in the oceans that are seemingly collaborating and working together, and now it appears that otters are getting in on the action as well. You wouldn’t think that the little animals could do a lot of damage, but they actually pack quite the punch.

Three women were floating on inner tubes along the Jefferson River in Montana when they encountered two otters drifting along in the water with them. The trio of tubers became concerned when one of the otters started swimming right towards them, and their concerns were confirmed when the small river animal launched an attack on them.

And the little thing did some damage as the women tried to swim to the safety of the shore.

After the attack, one of the women called 911, and the Sheriff’s Office, the Jefferson Valley Ambulance, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department, and Life Flight all quickly responded.

Two of the tubers sustained only minor injuries, but one of them was actually badly injured and needed to be airlifted from the location to nearby hospital. The whole thing went down shortly after 8 p.m. MST this past Wednesday.

In a statement from the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department, they said that signs were already in place in the area to warn visitors of potentially dangerous otter activity. They also said that their management staff did not have any plan of action at the time to respond, seemingly letting the otter attack slide.

The MFWP explained within the statement:

“While attacks from otters are rare, otters can be protective of themselves and their young, especially at close distances. They give birth to their young in April and can later be seen with their young in the water during the summer.

They may also be protective of food resources, especially when those resources are scarce. Otters are members of the weasel family.”

Once the women got out of the water, the otters reportedly swam away from them. The tuber that had to be airlifted apparently suffered severe bites to her arms and face. Though this particular attack might not have been avoidable, officials also advised to give plenty of space to any sort of wildlife you may encounter.

Even if they look as cute as an otter…

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