Kelly Clarkson Torches Ex-Husband With New Twist On “ABCDEFU” Cover: “F*ck You, & Your Dad, & The Fact That You Got Half”

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Kelly Clarkson is not a girl you want to mess with.

The divorce between Clarkson and her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock (who also happens to be the ex son-in-law of Reba McEntire), has been far from a clean break when the process started in 2021. From property disputes to child support battles and much more, Clarkson has been candid throughout the process and the toll it has taken on her fighting with Blackstock.

Even though their divorce was finalized, Clarkson was hit financially because she is essentially the breadwinner of the family.

She paid him $1.3 million (tax free) in a one-time payment, along with a monthly child support payment of $45,601 for their two kids, River Rose and Remington Alexander. The singer will also have to pay her ex-husband $115,000 in spousal support per month until January 31, 2024, and the $45,000 for the kids will last until they’re 18 years old.

While that might not seem like much, when they first announced their divorce, Blakcstock’s father, who runs the former talent agency that Clarkson belonged to, Starstruck Management Group, sued the singer for a large chunk of change.

Clarkson has always had a way with words in her songwriting, so it is no surprise she has a way of changing a few lyrics in a cover song to fit how she feels about her ex taking half of her assets throughout the divorce.

During a recent show at her Las Vegas Residency, the former American Idol winner covered Gayle’s breakup song “ABCDEFU,” Clarkson put a sassy curse-filled spin on the chorus.

“I was into you, but I’m over it now
 And I was trying to be nice
But nothing’s getting through, so let me spell it out
A-B-C-D-E, F*ck you.”

Cue a very fitting and well-timed bird in the air for the next part of the lyrics pointed directly at Blackstock.

“And your dad and the fact that you got half
And my broken heart turned that shi*t into art
F*ck you and your view from the valley I bought too.”

She repeats the chorus one more time before adding at the end of the song:

“Everybody but your dogs, you can all f*ck off.” 

At least the dogs did not get thrown into the fire of those lyrics.

I mean, ouch…

I’d go on a limb to say that even though the divorce took Clarkson on a ride, she seems to be doing very well –selling out shows, making a killing with her daytime TV show, being a killer judge on the voice, and major success from the release of her vulnerable album Chemistry.

Clarkson fans have been backing her fully, so some petty lyrics here and there sound like a good form of therapy.

She performed a more “safe for work” version on her show earlier this year:

Kelly Clarkson Says Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” Helped Her Through Her Divorce

Ah, “The Dance,” a Garth Brooks classic.

And as it turn out, ‘The Dance” helped Kelly Clarkson work through her very public divorce, you know the one where her ex, Brandon Blackstock, is seeking $436,000 dollars in spousal support… A MONTH.

Anyways, Garth stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show and Kelly revealed that not only is the song helping her right now, she finally understands it.

“I sang that song from childhood and it never hit me. I was literally bawling… because it is true.

I think a lot of people who go through such a devastating… there’s a lot of grief and a lot of loss, and a lot of change, especially with kids…. but I got the point, and sometimes that’s so crazy.

You known this song your entire life and you freak out when it’s actually a direct impact.”

The power of country music people.

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