Nickelback’s Nashville Show Featured Guest Performances From Jason Aldean, Jelly Roll, Hardy, & More

Nickelback Nashville

Nickelback… UNDERRATED.

Last night the Canadian rock band took the stage of Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. While the tour bill was shared with openers Brantley Gilbert and Josh Ross, the band pulled out all of the stops bringing out some star-studded guests.

It has been a hot topic for years if people think Nickelback is underrated or overrated, and I think it is safe to say, after seeing who graced the stage with them, many artists that reside in Music City fall on the underrated side of the scale.

Ernest, Bailey Zimmerman, Chris Daughtry, and Hardy all came out on stage during the show to sing some of their songs with Nickelback, while Brantley Gilbert was joined by Jason Aldean, and Jelly Roll. It looked insane.

Everyone was hopping in on each other’s songs, making for one big jam fest with fire and a filled arena singing along to each word.

@acacia_nichole Think I just had a fever dream #nickelback #brantleygilbert #nashville #jellyroll #ernest #hardy #jasonaldean #baileyzimmerman ♬ Burn It to the Ground – Nickelback

Social media is swarming with clips of Hardy’s performance, given his sound is heavily rock influenced. Hardy has openly said on podcasts that Nickelback was one of the bands that he grew up on, and that helped define his sound.

I am sure that taking the stage with them was a dream come true.

The group brought him out to perform his hit song “Sold Out…” and it is rockin’.

Hardy is jumping around on stage, bringing so much life to the crowd as he belts out the lyrics. The Nickelback band is just as into it as the guitar players kill it.

There is enough headbanging in this video to give someone secondhand whiplash, and I love it.

@mattmcglothlin @nickelback & @HARDY “Sold Out” #nashville #getrollintour #fyp #livemusic #liveconcerts #nickelback #rock #collab #hardy ♬ original sound – mattmcglothlin

Check out some of the other incredible video clips from the night.

Jelly Roll and Brantley Gilbert performing “Son Of the Dirty South.”

@mattmcglothlin @Jelly Roll & @Brantley Gilbert “Son of the Dirty South” #nashville #getrollintour #fyp #livemusic #liveconcerts #nickelback ♬ original sound – mattmcglothlin

Ernest and Nickelback slowing it down for an acoustic version of “Flower Shops.”

@mattmcglothlin @nickelback & @Ernest “Flower shops” #nashville #getrollintour #fyp #livemusic #liveconcerts #nickelback #collab #countrymusic ♬ original sound – mattmcglothlin

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