Joe Burrow To Star In Next Season Of Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’

Joe Burrow
Dylan Buell/Getty Images

I’ll admit, as a die hard football fan, I’ve been dying for football season to roll back around, especially since there’s absolutely zero sports to watch on TV right now except for MLB baseball.

We’re officially only a month away, but I’ve been having to fill that football void in other ways…

And I’m talking about binge watching college football highlights before bed every night, along with watching this new Quarterback series on Netflix.

If you haven’t watched Quarterback yet, the show follows the lives of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, and Atlanta Falcons’ Marcus Mariota.

It’s been interesting, because all three quarterbacks have very different personalities. You have the quiet and humble Cousins who is still trying to breakthrough and get to the mountaintop, the outspoken leader Mahomes who is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, and the Falcons’ Mariota, who has been trying to live up to the hype he’s had since being a Heisman winner at Oregon.

The show also makes you realize that these guys are just average dudes like you and me, who happen to be incredibly good at football and play on the highest platform imaginable in the sport.

With that being said, we now have a star quarterback who has been added for next season…

And I’m talking about the electric Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

That’s right, NBC Sports made the official announcement.

This is awesome news, because Burrow is one of the best QBs in the game right now, and is one of the most beloved personalities as well.

Not to mention, the only thing the guy is missing is a Super Bowl win, so it would be really cool if it all happened to come together this season when he has the cameras rolling 24/7.

However, last Friday, it was announced that Burrow suffered a calf injury that would sideline him for “several weeks,” with no set time table for his return.

A number of other quarterback reportedly declined the offer including Justin Fields, Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa.

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