On This Date: Fan Grabs Tim McGraw’s Junk On Stage In 2007 & Faith Hill Wasn’t Having It: “You Don’t Go Grabbing Somebody’s Husband’s Balls”

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Faith Hill

Tim McGraw has given the music world such country hits as “Don’t Take the Girl,” “It’s Your Love,” and “I Like It, I Love It,” and he’s also given YouTube plenty of “McGraw fights fan” videos.

Today happens to be the 16th anniversary of where it all arguably began, or at least where video evidence of it taking place started to be collected. On this date, all the way back in 2007, a fan grabbed Tim McGraw’s “junk” while he was walking by them on stage during his performance at the Cajundome in Louisiana.

McGraw was touring the country on his Soul2Soul tour, and ended up going through an uncalled for “Hand2Crotch” moment. His wife Faith Hill, a very talented and distinguished artist in her own right, was accompanying him and performing with him for the tour, and happened to watch the whole thing go down.

Hill decided that they weren’t just going to go on with the show like nothing happened after that, and rightfully called the person out in front of the entire venue. Faith stopped singing right in the middle of the song and tore into the “McGraw Grabber,” saying:

“Someone needs to teach you some class, my friend. You don’t go grabbing somebody else’s… somebody’s husband’s balls, you understand me? That’s very disrespectful.”

There used to be a plethora of videos of the incident out there on the internet, but it seems a lot of them have been scrubbed in recent years.

If you are still really hankering to see it, it appears that this low quality version is one of the only accessible clips of the infamous encounter left:

If you are okay with not seeing Faith Hill tear into a fan in worse than standard definition quality, we’ve luckily got some more recent options from the “McGraw fights back” category that have much clearer pictures.

Like this one from an Atlanta show back in 2014 when a fan grabbed Tim’s leg and wouldn’t let go, prompting him to instinctively “break loose” and have her removed:

Or this other time where McGraw literally lifted a man in the front row on stage just so he could almost beat his ass:

I’ll be honest, in most of these incidents, I would say McGraw has the right to do what he’s done. Imagine if you were working and someone just came up to you and tried to rip your pants, or wouldn’t let go of your leg? At some point, it’s just self defense.

And it looks to me like Tim McGraw has a lot of experience in practicing self defense over the years…

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