Hannah Dasher Has A Bad*ss Message For Her Ex’s New Girlfriend On Latest Single: “I’m The One That Taught Him That Thing You Like”

Hannah Dasher country music
Hannah Dasher

Hannah Damn Dasher has done it again.

The firecracker from Georgia has previously showed off her witty songwriting with songs like “Crying All the Way To the Bank” and “Ugly Houses,” both songs from her upcoming album The Other Damn Half.

And her newest single, “That Thing You Like,” takes a breakup song to the bedroom with a badass message to an ex’s new girlfriend.

Hannah always finds a witty way to lay out feelings that everyone can relate to, and she does that again on this tune, leaving little to the imagination with a message that she call “scandalous.”

The just-provocative-enough lyrics make clear exactly what “that thing you like” she’s talking about, and ends with one of the catchiest hooks you’ll hear:

“Remember when he’s lovin’ on you tonight that
I’m the one that taught him that thing you like.” 

The storyline of the single talks about her meeting with her ex’s new girlfriend, and Dasher, as the narrator, is warning her about what she is in store for – in the bedroom.

And leading up to the video, Hannah released some hilarious videos of herself prank calling her ex’s new girlfriend – just to remind her who taught him that thing she likes:

In a recent interview with the Tri-Cities Scene, Hannah talked about releasing the kind of music that she wants to hear:

“I think we will all get tired of the sitting-in-front-of-a-phone-screen-with-a guitar kind of a video asking, ‘Should I cut this song next?”

That’s not who I am. Hannah Dasher doesn’t ask permission to cut a song. I give you the song that I want to put out, that I feel like you want to hear.

That sounds cocky. But Waylon (Jennings), Alan Jackson, Eric Church, and Hank (Williams) Jr. sure wouldn’t ask permission on what song they should release next.

I crave authenticity. That’s all I know how to be.”

Authentic she is, with a twang that you can catch from a mile away, and hair as big as Dolly Parton’s. Hell, their mannerisms are similar, too; if you told me they were somehow related, I’d believe you.

And who knows, maybe “That Thing You Like” is just referencing a recipe that Dasher made in her “Stand By Your Pan” TikTok series…wholesome southern cooking is something everyone likes.

@hannahdamndasher (Im the One That Taught Him) That Thing You Like – real whipped cream #thatthingyoulike #foodtok #sexy #newmusic #yum ♬ original sound – HANNAH DASHER

This single, along with “Cryin’ All The Way To The Bank” and “Ugly Houses,” will appear on Dasher’s forthcoming album, The Other Damn Half, to be released later this year.

I am pumped to see what other sassy and charming lyrics are in store.

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