Charles Wesley Godwin & Wyatt Flores Release Stellar Acoustic Cover Of Chris Knight’s “The Jealous Kind”

Wyatt Flores Charles Wesley Godwin
Natalie Rhea

It seems like Wyatt Flores and Charles Wesley Godwin have been having a hell of a time on the road together.

Not only do I love the combination of Flores and Godwin on the same bill, but it seems as if Godwin has taken Flores under his wing on this tour run they are on—a big brother moment, if you will.

They shared some highlights of the run on social media like Flores playing “Life Is A Highway.”

“When Charles Wesley Godwin says you can have 5 extra minutes on your set if and only if you play “Life Is A Highway…”

You can’t help but love a good jam session moment.

Most recently, they released a video of “The Jealous Kind” cover.

Godwin brought the song back into the limelight in February during his Live From The Church EP. His take on the song originally sung by Chris Knight is one of the best covers I have heard in quite some time and broadcasted the phenomenal storytelling lyrics to a new audience.

Wyatt Flores sat down before a show with CWG, and they laid down another killer version of the tune.

“The Jealous Kind” by Chris Knight. Wyatt Flores and I had a little free time before last week’s show in Spokane. Enjoy!”

I might be addicted to this video…

Flores’ vocals are killer, and just when I thought it couldn’t get better, the harmonies kicked in. While both artists process very different vocal styles, they blend to create a killer sound.

Hearing how these two sound together has the wheels in my brain turning to what a studio collaboration could hold. It might be mind-blowing…

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