Tyler Childers Fans Offer Mixed Reactions To New “In Your Love” Music Video

Tyler Childers country music
Tyler Childers

As expected, the new Tyler Childers video is getting people talking.

Childers has always marched to the beat of his own drum, but this time he has fans TALKING.

Hours after the release of his new single, “In Your Love,’ with the accompanying music video, there is a clear divide among his fans. Commenters on the YouTube video praise Childers for the visual art, while other fans are taking to his Instagram, heavily disagreeing with the messaging.

In case you haven’t taken a second to watch the video, now might be a good time so you are caught up.

The video was written and creatively directed by Silas House, and the story idea was created with House and Jason Kyle Howard. The video was directed by Bryan Schlam and stars Colton Haynes and James Scully.

The video’s visuals depict a forbidden love between two men working in the coal mines staged in rural Appalachia from the 1950s.

House says:

“As a gay teenager who loved country music, I could have never imagined seeing myself in a video. That visibility matters. There have always been LGBTQ people in rural places, and finally we’re seeing that portrayed in a country music video.

Tyler and I both felt the attention to detail about rural life was very important, so we made sure that the house and the people looked realistic for the time period instead of the stereotypes of country people that have become so ingrained in the public consciousness. We used our own family pictures as references.

We wanted to tell as complex a story as we could in four minutes, not only about a gay couple, but also about rural people. We wanted to show their joy and their sorrow—all the things that make up a complex life. Too often simplistic notions are pushed about both rural and LGBTQ people, so we did everything we could to make this story as rich and layered as possible.”

Naturally, a music video like that is gonna draw some differing opinions…

Within the comments of the YouTube video, fans largely seemed to praise Childers for the song and video’s visuals and messaging. Regardless of sexual orientation, the song itself is a tenderhearted love ballad, through and through.

However, for the music video, Childers chose to highlight the heartfelt lyrics with a loving relationship between two men. The video’s compelling visual, set in the coal mines of Eastern Kentucky in the 1950s, tell a well-rounded story through each scene, one that many folks found endearing:

“Tyler makes music that will tug at your heart, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

“I like that Tyler has an iconic style without being stuck in a singular sound.”

“Man, I did not expect to be ugly crying this am, but here we are. What a beautiful song and video.”

“In true Childers fashion, this is equally devastating and healing for my heart and soul. Art in its truest form. Kudos to everyone involved.”

“Oh brother, you did it again. Your gift brings humanity and autonomy to the forefront. Thank you.”

In the latter half, more fans flocked to his Instagram (older Instagram posts) after watching the video and did not share the same appreciation as YouTube commenters.

“‘Go woke, go broke’ is this year’s slogan.”

“Cue all the white women calling Tyler a hero for his new video.”

“Didn’t know you were gay, bud.”

“Good lord. What in the world with this new video.

“I can’t with this horse shit.”

“Is Tyler gay now?”

“My kids love you but I can’t even show them your new video.”

Meanwhile, Twitter was also mixed bag… as it often is:

Childers and his team did turn off the comments on the album art for the new album, along with the teaser clips posted earlier this week promoting the single.

Could that be a coincidence?

Nevertheless, Tyler and company aimed to make a statement with the new music video, and I’d say the mission was accomplished.

The new album, titled Rustin’ In The Rain, is set to hit shelves on September 8th:

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