Sierra Ferrell Addresses Backlash From Fans For Canceling Shows: “I’m Tired Of Entitlement From Folks. I Owe People Nothing.”

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Alyssa Gafkjen

If there is one thing Sierra Ferrell will do, it’s lay down the law.

One of the many reasons I love this grunge cowgirl.

Earlier this month, Ferrell sent out a message that several of her upcoming shows would be cancelled, saying that she needed to “slow down for a bit.”

“Sadly, I will miss the next six dates on my touring schedule:

7/8- Winnipeg Folk Festival – Winnipeg, MB
7/9- Bayfield, WI
7/10- Fish Creek, WI
7/12- Kalamazoo, MI
7/13- Detroit, MI
7/14- 4848 Festival – Snowshoe, WV

We’ve been working really hard for you all, and have loved every minute of it, but I need to slow down for a bit. I know you’re disappointed, and so am I, but I also know that some rest will do me good. I’ll be back on stage soon and can’t wait to see you then.”

She worked with venues to give fans a full refund or honoring their tickets for the next scheduled date.

While most people understand that artists are human too, some did not take the cancellation well.

And Ferrell shot back at those who criticized her for canceling her shows, revealing that she went to therapy camp and quickly reminding people that she is a person and not some puppet that plays on stage.

“Since I’m getting lash back about canceling shows, I’m gonna go ahead say some of what went on. I went through a pretty traumatic experience and had to go to a therapy camp to deal with it for a week. Also in doing so I got to deal with some childhood trauma.

I’m tired of entitlement from folks. I owe people nothing. I’m just existing and living my life, I’m a person too with my own shit you know.

I’ll keep writing and singing. Thanks. Still love y’all. Xoxo”

It was kind of her to explain to people why she canceled shows, but frankly, she didn’t owe anyone that explanation. Ferrell has been on the road non-stop, so let her take a few days if she sees fit for her mental and physical well-being.

Fellow artists flocked to Ferrell’s comment section praising her for taking the time she needed.

Diplo: “Yourself comes first always.”

Jake Owen: “Fuck ’em.”

Paul Cauthen: Haters gone hate and……. Ballaz gone ball. Block the noise. You are setting the bar.”

Nikki Lane: So proud of you for putting yourself first. Love you, sissy.” 

The Brother Brothers: “‘The show must go on’ is a tool of the oppressor. Stay healthy and take care of yourself.”

Will Carlisle: “Rooting for you to be the best you can be!”

Kelsey Waldon: “Take care of yourself, Sierra!! I cannot stand this hateful culture sometimes. All the love & respect, Xo.”

We love seeing artists supporting other artists in this light.

Be kind to your favorite musicians, folks…they are humans too.

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