Luke Bryan Hilariously Refuses To Let 16-Year-Old Fan Sing “Home Alone Tonight” With Him On Stage: “I Do Not Need That Coming Up Online”

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I have somehow ended up on the Luke Bryan side of TikTok.

Wish I could provide details of how I ended up there, but the algorithm must think I need some chaotic Luke Bryan clips in my life.

I mean, I will give the algorithm props that half of the clips I have of him on my feed are an accurate representation of my two functioning brain cells trying to form coherent thoughts at the end of each week.

Example A:

@lysswatts luke being luke🤭 #frontrow #concert #countrymusic #countryconcert #lukebryan #countryontour ♬ original sound – lyss watts

Example B:

@luke_bryans_other_wife Replying to @banditsgrillandbar spent my life savings to see him tomorrow. #lukebryan #lukebryansotherwife #toyotaamphitheatre #lukebryancountryontour2023 #countryontour2023 #drunkuncle #fundrunkuncle #lukebryandrunk #lukebryanlive #lukebryanconcert @LukeBryan ♬ original sound – Luke Bryan’s Other Wife

Or the algorithm was perfectly setting me up to see this next clip.

Last month, Luke Bryan was going to ask a fan to come up on stage with him to sing a song. The song on deck was “Home Alone Tonight,” his 2015 duet with Karen Fairchild about have a few drinks, and going home with a stranger as payback to your ex.

He was probably about to create a top-five memory for this girl in the crowd, but then he paused to ask the girl how old she was.

The fan was on the edge of the stage when Luke stopped to ask her how old she was:

“Sixteen? She’s too… Oh, I got to get away from you.” 

Bryan says as he side shuffles quickly back to the raised portion of the stage.

“Yep… I do NOT need that coming up online in the morning.”

Welp, sorry Luke… it’s online anyway.

Bringing a sixteen-year-old on stage to sing alongside a song like “Strip It Down” or “Home Alone Tonight” would not fly these days (great opportunity to Google the lyrics here if you need further explanation).

He was so quick with the response, and the shuffle away created a hilarious reaction.

Say what you will about Luke Bryan, at least he is self-aware of all that gets thrown up on social media these days.

He was not taking any chances.

And let’s be honest… with Luke Bryan pushing 50 now, he has kind of traded his Georgia frat boy image for a dorky dad energy that is rather endearing.

@luke_bryans_other_wife the fact he was gonna have her sing “home alone tonight” 😅😂~~~~~~~~~ #lukebryansotherwife #lukebryan #lukebryanconcert #lukebryanedits #lukebryanfunny #drunkaf #drunk @LukeBryan ♬ original sound – Luke Bryan’s Other Wife

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A beer bottle on a dock