Dolphin Expertly Chases Down A Fish Off The Coast Of St. Petersburg, Florida

Fox 13

What a hunt.

Ya gotta love a wild animal in pursuit of their next meal. There is just something so amazing about how good they are at just surviving.

Dolphins are not seen as predators, more so as fun-loving creatures that you can swim with. But they are carnivores, eating fish squid and other marine mammals that they can get. They grow large, up to 12 feet long and 600 pounds.

They are skilled hunters using fast speeds of up to 30 miles an hour to catch their prey. Which they need a lot of to support their size.

They are known for their intelligence, able to solve problems and have incredible emotions. This makes them one of the smartest creatures in the world.

Seeing an animal like this in action is always a treat.

This dolphin was seen chasing down its next meal off the coast of Florida.

AS he gets ahold of the target, the fish breaks free and turns on dime to get away. The dolphin makes quick turns and catches up.

Finally, he is able to take down its meal.

Nature at work is always cool.

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