Neal McCoy Asks CMT To Remove All Of His Videos In Solidarity With Jason Aldean

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When you think the Jason Aldean discussion dies down, think again.

Over the weekend, a few more country music colleagues added their thoughts to the Jason Aldean “Try That In A Small Town” controversy.

Cody Johnson spoke out on stage during his performance at Rock the South in Alabama, standing firmly with Aldean and saying that the country star was showing “patriotism” with his music video, which was pulled from CMT earlier last week.

@whiskeyriff Cojo on Aldean. #whiskeyriff #cojo #rockthesouth #jasonaldean ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

While most of the conversation has been around the song’s lyrics and the video messaging, CMT has largely escaped criticism from other artists (who probably don’t want to upset the network out of fear that they won’t play their music video during the one hour a day that CMT actually plays country music).

Well now Neal McCoy has entered the chat.

The ’90s country music star took to Facebook yesterday, making a statement that notes he is standing with Aldean on this controversy.

“I am seeing where some of my more popular Country Music Padnuh’s are separating themselves from CMT. In solidarity, I am asking that CMT removes all of my current videos. 

In support of the Jason Aldean video that has recently been removed. 

(That’ll show ’em.)”

While McCoy has every right to stand with his peer, it seems that he’s referencing a debunked fake news article going around claiming that other artists have severed ties with CMT.

Fact-checking websites have deemed many of these articles as incorrect: Hank Williams did not cancel his contract with CMT, Blake Shelton did not cancel his $30M deal with the network, and Luke Bryan has not pulled his works from CMT.

Regardless, fans are taking to McCoy’s post to share their excitement about his decision.

“I’m glad you are standing by Jason Aldean. There are videos that shouldn’t be aired at all by other artists, especially rap. This one tells the facts of a small town taking care of their own.”

“CMT has been declining for a long time.”

“CMT has put the nails in their own coffin for sure.”

“Great choice because they don’t represent country anymore anyway! Long time fan! Thank you for representing true country and America!”

CMT has still chosen to remain silent on their reasoning for pulling the video at this time. However, due to the backlash Aldean has been getting all over social media…it doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to figure out.

As for Aldean, while caught in the crossfire, he has been achieving unreal streaming success from the video.

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