UFC Fan Asks Paddy The Baddy If He’s Ever “Shagged” Molly McCann, Gets Embarrassed Real Quick

Paddy the Baddy
UFC London

Oh man, this got ugly quick.

It’s no secret that interviews with athletes can go off the rails pretty quick, especially if a reporter asks a dumb question and the athlete isn’t in a good mood.

Of course, the questions are typically like:

“How did the loss feel today?”

All you have to do when you step to the mic is not ask something stupid or offensive, but this fella proves he can do both without even trying.

UFC superstar Paddy Pimblett, AKA Paddy the Baddy, sat down for a Q&A before UFC London and was asked a wild question from a fan, regarding his friendship with female UFC fighter Molly McCann…

And the question was if Paddy had ever “shagged” McCann.

I mean WHAT? Are you crazy? It’s dumb enough to use your one question about a very private matter in someone’s personal life, but to do it to a professional fighter is clinically insane. And here’s the kicker… two seconds of a Google search would’ve confirmed why that’s never happened.

Pimblett quickly reminded the fan that McCann is a lesbian, and he’s also happily married:

“You do know Molly’s a lesbian lad? Yeah Molly’s a lesbian, she’s got a a fiancée lad and I’m married, so yeah…”

The fan then proceeded to do the walk of shame… and to be honest, he got off easy. Paddy should’ve tore him a new one.

I guess the situation could’ve been much worse, and hopefully this fan makes better use of his question the next time he gets an opportunity for a Q&A. Actually, hopefully he never gets another opportunity… dumbass.

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