Former LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Goes Viral Chatting Up Models At The Beach

Coach O Emily Rinaudo
Emily Rinaudo

It’s no secret that former LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron loves the ladies.

First we saw the viral photo of him laying in bed with a MUCH younger woman after LSU won the 2020 National Championship, right after his divorce.

And on top of that, we’ve also seen the man rizzing up a few women while at the beach, telling them to come up to his beach house and party it up.

There were also the rumors that Orgeron’s personal life was “bleeding” into his coaching, and was allegedly taking his women to LSU practices and showing them the facilities, which was one of the reasons why he and LSU decided to part ways after the 2021 season, but many of those reports have been denied and his own players denied the claims too.

And of course, there was also that time an LSU fan called into Ed Orgeron’s show and told him not to try and talk to his younger sister who had just turned 21.

Nevertheless, I’d say we still have enough proof to know that Orgeron loves spending time with the women…

And here we are again.

A TikTok is currently going viral of the former LSU coach, and it’s captioned “getting rizzed up by Coach O.”

In the video, you can see Coach O and his new fiancée talking to some women while shirtless on the beach. And while you can’t hear the conversation entirely, he appears to be asking each girl where they’re from.

His fiancée (good for you, coach) seems alright with it too, as she waves to the girls once they introduce themselves.

Yep, I’d say Coach O is living the dream on his MASSIVE $17 million buyout he received after “parting ways” with LSU.

And you think he should take the Northwestern job? Not a chance…

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Of course, Twitter brought the jokes:

And the woman he was chatting up happened to be OnlyFans star and model Emily Rinaudo:

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