LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Has A “Nice Little Fishin’ Hole” For Body Of Radio Caller Who Brings Up Bedroom Photo

Ed Orgeron with a woman
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With all of this noise circulating around Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer, he’s not the only one who’s taking the heat.

Ed Orgeron, head football coach for the LSU Tigers, for those who don’t know, is currently sweltering on the hot seat in Baton Rouge.

LSU is one of the most storied “progrums” (how coach O would say it) in all of college football, and after winning the 2020 National Championship with one of the greatest teams ever, it’s no secret that the man has underachieved big time.

He’s 8-7 since that Natty, and has had two incredibly disappointing losses to UCLA and Auburn at home.

The fans down in Da Bayou are not happy.

And to make matters worse, he has to take calls on his Ed Orgeron radio talk show week in and week out, setting himself up to get absolutely flamed.

Today, he took a call from a fan, who seemed to have the best of intentions. However, the convo went from 0-100 for all the wrong reasons. It went as followed:

Caller: Before I get to my call about special teams, I have to be an embarrassing big brother real quick. My little sister is in attendance there tonight celebrating her 20th birthday. Can you wish her a happy birthday?

Coach O: Happy 20th birthday! What’s her name?

Caller: Bebe, Little Bebe, that’s what we call her.

Coach O: (Laughs) That sounds like a familiar name I know. Happy Birthday, Bebe!

Caller: She’s a little blonde headed girl, so O, try not to have sex with her and put it on (Cut off)

Coach O: C’mon man… I’m going to say something right now. Down in the Bayou, we have a nice little fishing hole for people like that.

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DAMN. It’s a cold world we live in, man… cold world.

For those who don’t know who the caller was referencing, it’s the girl who Coach O was caught in bed with and hanging out by the pool after he had just gotten a divorce and won the Natty.

But you gotta love that subtle threat from Coach O to hide his dead body in a fishing hole, deep in the Louisiana swamp. Win or lose, that’s the kind of guy you want coaching your team… now it would just be nice if he could win a game.

Anyways, the viral pictures while we’re at it:

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