California Photographer Gets Stared Down By Mountain Lion… And Then It Started Following Him


If you’re face to face with a mountain lion, what are you gonna do?

This is a situation I pray I never find myself in while out in the woods, because although these creatures tend to shy away from human interaction, there are instances where they feel threatened enough to attack, and the end result is not good.

Not to mention, they are experts at being able to hide and blend in with their surroundings, so you never know where they could be lurking.

One California man ran into this terrifying encounter in Orange County.

According to NBC 4 Los Angeles, Mark Girardeau, a wildlife photographer, was in the Trabuco Canyon area to check up on his motion-activated cameras…

When he noticed a mountain lion staring him right in the eyes.

He told the outlet:

“I was on my way up the hill to check some other cameras when I suddenly spotted her.

She was sitting there, just a couple hundred feet away, staring right at me.”

Somehow, Girardeau didn’t freak out, and began to record the wild scene, which went on for a good several minutes.

After awhile, he decided to start heading back to the car, and sure enough the mountain lion continued to follow him.

He continued:

“I was getting nervous because I didn’t know what she was going to do.”

Yeah, I don’t doubt it my guy…

Just to be safe, he stepped off the trail to try and separate himself further from the cat. The mountain lion, dubbed “Uno” because of an eye injury that causes only one eye to reflect at night, proceeded to keep walking past Girardeau.

And after he thought the coast was clear, the mountain lion appeared again while he was sitting in his car.

That’ll get the blood pumping a little bit…

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