Florida Man Wrestles Black Bear On Front Porch To Defend His Dogs

Black bear attack
Only In Dade

Florida Man putting his insanity to good use.

Black bears are certainly one of the most curious creatures in America.

While they’re certainly quite scary when the right moment strikes (like this wild boar discovered), they can also be pretty entertaining, breaking into houses to play piano or going on family dumpster diving excursions.

Well, this Florida Man didn’t know which type of black bear he was about to square up with when he walked onto his Daytona Beach porch one January night.

At least one of the man’s dogs was out on the porch with him, which may have been the reason a black bear decided to make its way over, potentially looking to scoop up the pup for a midnight snack.

But the second the predator burst through the door, Florida Man went into defensive mode.

The man (actual name Walt Hickox) immediately lowered his level and shot a takedown at the bear to block the entrance. After a couple harrowing seconds, the bear breaks away and he’s able to push a bench in front of the doorway, grab his dog, and get back in the house.

Walt later spoke to WFTV9 about the incident.

“Not a lot went through my head at the moment, other than what’s going to happen if he gets past me and into the house where the rest of my dogs and my wife was at.”

He seemed to avoid serious injury, but was under treatment for a bite wound and rabies.

There’s two lessons learned here: keep your small dogs away from black bears and never, I mean never, mess with a Florida Man.

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