Colter Wall’s “Sleeping On The Blacktop” Certified Platinum, ‘Imaginary Appalachia’ Certified Gold

Colter Wall country music
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And five other songs certified Gold.

Colter Wall’s longtime fan-favorite song “Sleeping on the Blacktop” has been officially certified Platinum by the RIAA, which means it has moved over one million units since it was released in 2015.

First included on his breakout 2015 Imaginary Appalachia EP, the song quickly caught the attention of fans of gritty, true and simple country music, and has been featured in several movies and TV shows too.

Particularly, three of his songs are featured in the fourth season of Yellowstone, of course including “Sleeping on the Blacktop.”

Wall’s cover of Rex Allen’s 1951 classic “Cowpoke” and his original “Plain to See Plainsman” were also featured on the show, and I’m sure helped boost those numbers some too. At the height of the popularity of Yellowstone, the Yellowstone Effect and its influence on indepdenent country artist cannot be overstated.

The aforementioned Imaginary Appalachia EP was also certified Gold, meaning it has moved over 500,000 units since its release (also in 2015). Five other songs including “Cowpoke,” “Kate McCannon,” “Fraulen (feat. Tyler Chiders),” “Caroline (feat. Belle Plaine),” and “The Devil Wears A Suit and Tie” were also certified Gold.

It goes to show the importance of independent artists who deliver authenticity and high quality music time and again, and obviously, Colter is at the top of the list as one the most pure and refined talents in the genre.

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Colter Wall country music

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