Take A Look Behind The Scenes Of Mike Ryan’s Killer Grand Ole Opry Debut

Mike Ryan country music
YouTube/Grand Ole Opry

Mike Ryan is no stranger to the Texas music scene.

He released his debut album, Night Comes Falling, in 2012, and has built up quite the following since then with his busy touring schedule and authentically Texas country sound.

But his Grand Ole Opry debut has been a long time coming.

In November of 2022, Ryan finally had the opportunity to step into the historic circle at the Opry for the first time, further bridging the gap between Texas country and mainstream Nashville music that’s only been getting smaller over the past few years.

Before taking the stage, the independent artist opened up about the foundation that music laid in his life since childhood:

“From an early age, it was apparent that whether I wanted to or not, I was going to be doing something musical because of the family I come from…

The more I played, the more I did it, the more I felt like this was something I should be doing.” 

Mike honors that tradition of country music through his sound, and notes how significant it is for him to play at the venue that holds the foundation of tradition in the genre:

“There is a whole stage out there, but there is one spot where the greats stand.”

As a family man, he understands the importance of tradition and making time for what is important in life. When he was invited to make his Grand Ole Opry debut, his children were the ones that delivered the memorable news.

“My kids walked in, and one of them was holding a box of tissues.

I think it was my oldest MJ who said, “Daddy, they’ve invited you to play the Opry.”

It was then I realized what the tissues were for, and I was glad they brought them. It’s pretty cool.”

This adds another level of sentimental value to Ryan’s debut. When he looks back on these moments, he knows that the support of his family and children gave him the drive to continue gaining traction in the space.

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