Yellowstone Visitors Stop Right Next To Large Bison & Immediately Get Their Tire Popped

Bison Yellowstone popping tire

“I think you broke your tire.”

Gee, ya think?

These parks are home to many mistakes when it comes to wildlife. As tourists rush to the parks to get the chance to see these beautiful animals and sights, they often seem to leave common sense at the park entrances and make foolish decisions while being there.

It’s kinda like nature’s version of People Of Walmart…

Bison are majestic and powerful creatures that are an iconic symbol of the American West. An animal that can grow up to 2,000 pounds will pointy horns on its head is not one that anyone wants to cross.

These tourists thought they were safe while in their car.

A bison can be seen charging a car that was driving through Yellowstone National Park. The bison lowers its head and rams the car, causing one of the tires to blow out.

As the air leaves the tire, I can’t help but laugh.

The people in the car barely flinch as it happens as if it’s no big deal at all.

Now, they’re in a pickle… a popped tire only a few yards away from an angry bison is not the situation I want to be in.

Yellowstone National Park is home to a large population of bison, and visitors are reminded to stay at least 25 yards away from these animals at all times. Even though it’s plastered everywhere, people seem to constantly ignore.

Sometimes, payback is nice. In this case, it definitely is… a minor inconvenience because of a poor decision is a great lesson if these folks take one from it.

Colorado Man Drives Up To Bull Elk, Says “You Wanna Fight?”

Seeing a beautiful bull elk on the side of the road is awesome.

Such majestic, regal, beautiful creatures… sure, it’s great to arrow one and fill up the freezer, but just watching them is pretty special in itself.

However, for Tyler and Sheena Terryberry, they had a much different elk experience in Parshall, Colorado.

According to Meateater, Tyler, a veteran hunting guide, and his wife were taking a drive through the snow in January, when they had a close encounter with a bull elk in the road.

Tyler, who has had several run-ins with Elk over his career, decided to pull over and admire the incredible creature. Although Sheena warned him not to, Tyler got the attention of the elk over to the car, and then it was too late.

He says:

“Watch out buddy, you wanna fight?”

The bull begins to back away for a second, but as the car gets closer and closer, you can see it lower it’s antlers, and charge straight for the side of the car… burying its antler right into the tire.

Yeah, bet you’re eating your words now, my guy.

He weighed in on the unfortunate event:

“She definitely warned me. Every once in a while you find an animal that’s sick, and they don’t usually act right. The (Colorado Division of Wildlife) had to put down a mountain lion near us just a week ago because it was sick and acting weird.

Then of course when it happened, it was an ‘I told you so’ moment. If it was my truck she wouldn’t have cared; she would have laughed right along with me.

We get pretty close to elk where we’re at, and I’ve been way closer than that, and I’ve never had one try to attack me. It took me by surprise.”

Good news for him, he caught it all on video so nobody can claim he was lying:

“The cost was well worth the story, and I’m glad I got it on video because no one would have ever believed me.

The bull didn’t get hurt, and it could have been worse. He could have punctured a hole in the radiator or come through the window at me.”

Honestly, seems like he’s done that before… lowers his head, straight for the tire. He knew what he was doing…

As they say:

“Mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns”

Or in this case, a bull elk.

Massive Elk Herd Surrounds Colorado Home

Imagine waking up and going out on the front porch for a morning coffee and seeing every elk that lives in your area sitting right on your front lawn. Seems crazy right?

Well, that’s pretty much what happened here.

Elk in Colorado have the highest population in the world. That means there’s just bound to be human interaction from time to time. And if you’ve ever been in Estes Park, you know they’re EVERYWHERE.

These animals are very gregarious, as they tend to live in herds. Elk herds can often be fairly large with 200-400 individuals traveling around together.

Folks in this Colorado neighborhood learned that in very weird fashion as a whole herd decided to rest right in somebody’s yard all around their house.

People driving by captured footage of the wild occurrence as the elk all lay down around the homes. There is even a massive bull elk seen sitting right at somebody’s front door.

That would certainly be shock to walk outside or come home to. I mean, what are you really going to do? It’s probably not worth trying to shoo away a massive bull elk. The consequences aren’t worth going inside.

This is some wild stuff.

Bison Charges Entire Family At Yellowstone National Park

It is really non-stop.

Time after time, just incredibly stupid bison charge videos. It’s really surprisingly few people who actually get hurt in the videos, however when they do, it’s never good.

So once again for the people in the back, these are not cows, they’re not friendly, and they will run you over without a second thought.

The video starts with an entire family walking directly towards a bison that is standing next to a boardwalk.

Although there are many stupid people way to close, this family is the king of them all as they decide to walk straight to this bison. They walk within a few feet of it and all start taking cellphone pictures. It’s not worth the pic for the ‘Gram…

The man video taping this wild event from afar sums up what we are all thinking perfectly.

“See him gesturing? See his head movements?  Saying I will get you, I will get you.”

The bison continues to give them fair warning it is not happy. The crowd start to realize and disperse. Four people stay put and quickly learn what the bison was communicating.

One man starts to run away a bit from the increasing angry animal and everything starts to run including the bison.

Most of their family makes it to higher ground. The bison stays on the tail of one of the smallest people there. The boy uses the bushes to help get away as he gets chased in a circle with everyone shouting for him to run.

He makes it away safe and everyone in the area realizes they need to take a good 10-steps back.

And perhaps the craziest part? The man who seems to be his father is laughing the whole time…

Ain’t nothing funny about that, dad. Other than how stupid you are.

The kid got lucky…

Brown Bears Have Vicious Battle Over Whale Carcass Off Coast Of Alaska

I just got back from the lovely state of Montana, and while I didn’t run into any bears while I was there (probably a good thing), you get a first hand account of the vast, incredible, and humbling beauty this country has to offer.

And while Montana is amazing it gets no more vast, incredible and humbling than Alaska.

In this incredible footage at the Katmai Coast of Southern Alaska, we get to watch as two coastal brown bears engage in a vicious fight over a beached whale carcass.

A whale carcass beached on the Alaskan coast prompted several dramatic fights between scavenging bears over the newfound bounty.

The scene was caught on camera at the Katmai coast in southern Alaska, in August 2015, as a massive male attacked a smaller female with a cub at the carcass, briefly gaining the upper hand until a different male attacks, saving the female.

And we have a front row seat.

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