Massachusetts Man Reels In Lost Fishing Pole With A Monster Stripped Bass On The Line

Striper fishing

If there wasn’t a video, I wouldn’t believe it.

Ben Kenneys, a disc golf YouTuber from Leicester, Massachusetts, was filming a fishing trip near Boston with Storm Chaser Charters when he captured one of the wildest fishing stories you’ll ever see.

A little while before the clips starts, one of the other fishers on the boat dropped his pole in the water. Given there’s A LOT of water where they were, you just chalk that one up as lost and hope there’s another usable rig aboard.

Well, Ben felt a tug on his line, set the hook, and started fighting but he quickly realized this didn’t feel like any old fish. After about two minutes of battle, the group found out why.

He pulled up to the surface the fishing pole that the other guy had dropped into the water. The odds of his hook happening to find just the right place to grab onto the rod and allow him to bring it up to the surface is so astronomically high, but that wasn’t all.

Turns out, there was a fish on.

No, not on the set up that caught the lost fishing pole, but on the lost fishing pole itself.

The man gave his newly reunited rod back to Ben to finish the job, pulling in a monstrous stripped bass. He even had trouble holding it up for the picture at the end (and got slapped in the face by the tail in the process).

Can you believe that? I’ve watched the video so many times now and still my eyes doubt themselves.

Like I said, if there was no video, a total of zero people would believe it.

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A beer bottle on a dock