Idaho Elk Hunter Scares Off Stalking Mountain Lion With Warning Shot

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Hunting is a great way to connect with nature, but being hunted while you’re hunting is a fast track to a dance with death.

This is one of the more heart-pounding wildlife encounter videos you’ll ever see. I’m not sure how the hunter had the wherewithal to pull out his phone to record this, but I guess he wanted to have proof of what happened, whether things went south or not.

Things were not looking good when the video picked up, with the hunter carefully back pedaling as an angry mountain lion with its ears pinned back slowly stalked him down.

Whatever happened to the old saying of “they’re more afraid of us than we are of them?” This mountain lion definitely does not look like it’s scared, not even a bit.

I can tell the hunter is pretty shaken up, considering that the hand he’s holding the gun in has a little bit of a tremor going. Rightfully so too, because even when you go out in the wild to hunt down another animal, you’d rarely expect for yourself to end up as a part of the “menu.”

This big cat was definitely licking its lips at the prospect of taking home a “fresh and local special,” but the hunter wasn’t going down without a fight. I’m going to assume that he wasn’t out there hunting elk with a Glock 27, though it was a good thing he ended up having that thing on him when the mountain lion started to come his way.

As the hunter continues to back his way through the brush, he even lets out a terrified and not-so-confident “get back,” which didn’t deter the mountain lion one bit. Shortly after, it becomes clear that the big cat is about to pounce, and the man has no choice but to fire off a pistol shot.

When you watch it, you’ll probably think just like me “how did that shot not hit the mountain lion?” I was also wondering why the “warning shot” (I think it was a missed attempt) didn’t seem to intimidate the big cat at all. It must’ve been shot at before…

The mountain lion literally dodges a bullet, then circles back and continues to track down the hunter. Just when it looks like the wild animal is about to size up the man again, the hunter fires off another Glock shot towards the thing, and that finally seems to do the trick.

The hunter continues to back away as he heavily breathes, and the mountain lion finally turns towards the opposite direction and retreats. We don’t know exactly what happens after that, considering that the video cuts off, but I’m hoping that the hunter decided to call it a day after that encounter.

I’d rather count my blessings and get back to the truck instead of staying out there looking for elk and having to check over my shoulder every couple of seconds. Plus, it didn’t seem like the hunter was a great shot anyways, but I won’t judge his performance on this high pressure situation.

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