Britney Spears Slapped In The Face By Security Of Future NBA Star Victor Wembanyama In Las Vegas

Britney Spears victor wembanyama
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I didn’t have a 2000’s pop star getting slapped in the face by an NBA star’s security team on my 2023 Bingo Card. Did any of you all?

The world awoke to some shocking news this morning as TMZ reported that our beloved, under appreciated, been-through-it pop star Britney Spears had yet more drama added to her plate.

Actually, if we want to get specific, it was added to her face by the slap of the hand (some are reporting backhand) by a member of Victor Wembanyama’s security team in Las Vegas last night. This has to be the most random story of all time, am I right?

If you aren’t familiar with the name Wembanyama, the talented 7-foot-4-inch French basketball player was just drafted by the San Antonio Spurs with the number one overall pick last month. Some are saying he is the next great NBA player, being compared to other greats like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Bill Russell.

He’s so tall, he can dunk the basketball without jumping, if that tells you anything. The sport comes pretty easy to him, and he’s currently in Las Vegas for the NBA Summer League, where he will make his debut for the Spurs tomorrow.

As one would when they are in Sin City, he decided he wanted to walk the strip a bit, and happily engaged with fans along the way. However, he apparently didn’t recognize one famous fan, nor did Wembanyama’s security detail, and that lead to a hostile encounter:

“Britney Spears was allegedly slapped in Vegas by Victor Wembanyama’s security who backhanded her in the face after she tapped the NBA player on the back for a photo.

She reportedly filed a police report for battery, and an investigation is pending.”

First it was “#FreeBritney,” now it’s “#DoNotSlapBritney.” The first hashtag it admittedly catchier than the second one, but just trying to stay topical here.

Who would have thought that not hearing the song “Toxic” or “Oops!…I Did It Again” could lead to an assault charge? All Victor had to do was recognize the pop star and all of this wouldn’t have happened.

A commentator on Twitter responding to the charges reported by TMZ made a pretty good point about the whole thing, saying:

“Lol this whole situation is funny not because she got slapped but because I told y’all the Spurs are not ready for this level of celebrity.

How does your DIRECTOR OF SECURITY not know who Brittney freaking Spears is? Spurs security lookin like amateurs out here.”

The whole thing is a mess, and thank goodness that Wembanyama didn’t slap her himself, otherwise his hyped up, unlimited potential NBA career would have been over before it even started.

For some more information regarding the story, check out this segment from FOX Live Now (that’s right this is breaking news).

Also pay attention to the song they credited her for in the headline…too soon FOX, way too soon:

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