Watch Koe Wetzel Cover Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” During His Sioux Falls Acoustic Show

Koe Wetzel

As the TikTok caption perfectly says, two things I didn’t know I needed: All the clips from Koe Wetzel’s acoustic show the other day and him covering Garth Brook’s “The Dance.”

I am so envious of those in the crowd during this show. Although it was not The Road To Hell Paso concert they were expecting, the crowd watched something not many other Koe fans will get to experience after his drummer got stuck in Chicago and he decided to play a fully acoustic show in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (And it also helps that he bought their drinks for the whole night).

This clip popped up on my TikTok feed, and I was mesmerized. Koe has been in his rock era, so to see and hear him take it back to his country roots to cover a little Garth is a 180 from the covers of “My Own Worst Enemy” he has been laying down.

“The Dance” is a classic Garth song, and Koe’s cover, although impromptu, breathes new life into the old song.

After the first verse from the video clip, Koe goes into the second verse hilariously noting that he messed up the words by looking at his guitar player saying:

“I just sang that sh*t. Oh, wait, I did just sing that verse.”

As he laughs it off, he gets the crowd to help him through the chorus.

The simplicity of this piano ballad with Koe’s voice is a killer combo. Starting a petition for him to bring out more covers like this at his shows.

@caitskor Thursday night, we got to experience a full acousitc set from Koe Wetzel which was something I never knew I needed and also him singing The Dance by Garth Brooks #koe #koewetzel #thedance #thedancesong #acoustic #siouxfalls #siouxfallssd #country #countrymusic ♬ original sound – Caitlyn Skorczewski

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