“Yodel Kid” Mason Ramsey Is BACK, Drops First Single In 4 Years With “Reasons To Come Home”

Mason Ramsey country music
Mason Ramsey

The burning question that has come across every country music fan…

What is Mason Ramsey up to nowadays?

It feels like it was yesterday when the youngin’ was videoed singing Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues” inside a Walmart back in 2018 at only 11-years-old.

He then proceeded to go on a pretty good run, recording songs like “Famous,” “Before I Knew It,” a feature on the “Old Town Road” remix, and then there’s the unspeakable “Twang” that me and my brother were ashamedly jamming to before getting into a five car pile up on the way down to the beach back in 2019. (Everybody was okay).

They weren’t very deep songs, but they are all feel good guilty pleasure songs that you may not mind turning up in the car every now and then.

However, the kid seemingly fell off the map after 2019.

Next thing you know, videos started circulating early last year of the Yodel Kid riding jet skis and working at Subway, seeming like he was just enjoying life as a normal kid away from the spotlight.

@masonramsey Reply to @micahliflower ♬ Before I Knew It – Mason Ramsey


But, that all officially changed today, as Mason Ramsey is BACK.

Now 16-years-old, Ramsey dropped his latest single “Reasons To Come Home.”

The song is all about nostalgia, and having a sentimental appreciation for your small hometown.

The lyrics speak for itself:

“The things that mean the most, you see
Live in a little house
Yeah the folks who raised a man like me
Are getting older now
And I don’t see myself coming back this way
Once the ones I love are gone
‘Cause I’ve run out of reasons to come home”

Many were wondering if Ramsey would be able to keep his voice after going through puberty, and needless to say he still sounds pretty good. I’m not saying he’s still able to hit the high notes on “Twang” like he used to, but it’s good to see he’s still wanting to press on with his career in country music.

Give it a listen:

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