Southall Debuts First Single Under New Name, Titled “Scared Money”

Read Southall country music

Ain’t nothin’ changed but the name, y’all.

The newly branded country rock stalwarts Southall, formerly known as the Read Southall Band, have released their inaugural single under their new moniker, and they have stayed as true to their classic sound as one could hope.

Titled “Scared Money,” the band’s latest track is a groovy, Oklahoma rock and roll tinged country tune with catchy lyricism and Southall’s unique vocals that will have you singing along in no time.

Go ahead and give her a listen here:

“Scared money don’t make nothing
Nothing in life will come free
Grab what you can carry while the gettin’s still good
Or nothing is all you’re ever gonna be

Born in a boom town, been up and been down
Ain’t afraid to do it again
I tried to go to school, thought I was too cool
And that’s where that story ends
Put in my application on the Anadarko Basin
There’s fortune right beneath your feet
I walked out of class and straight to the patch
‘Cause no one ever paid me to read”

I don’t know the reasoning behind the name change to Southall, but for anybody who was worried, “Scared Money” should be plenty of proof that these guys are the same old Oklahoma rockstars and their sound we all love isn’t going to change at all.

“Scared Money” is the band’s first release since their previous album For the Birds dropped in October of 2021, so one would have to expect their next album is on the way and we are just getting started with the lead single.

I sure hope so, at least…

If you aren’t too familiar with Southall’s music quite yet, then you’re really missing out. But have no fear, because it’s never too late to dive into the music of one of Oklahoma’s best red dirt rock and roll acts.

With three full length albums dating back to 2015, and an all-time live album in 2018’s Live From the Tower Theatre, the Stillwater, OK based outfit cut their teeth touring around Oklahoma before breaking into Texas and eventually becoming an internationally loved rock and roll act. A staple on the Red Dirt scene for almost a decade at this point, Southall is undoubtedly one of the best in the business.

And the proof is in the music. If you like what you heard with “Scared Money,” then check out five of my favorite songs from the rest of their catalog below.

“Rose Gold” – For the Birds (2021)

“Damn” – Live at Tower Theatre (2018)

“Why” – Borrowed Time (2017)

“Gunshy” – Six String Sorrow (2015)

“Stickin’ n Movin’” – For the Birds (2021)

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