Read Southall Band Drops Another Track From Upcoming Album, ‘For The Birds’

Oh, here we go.

We were happy to bring you the exclusive premiere of “DLTGYD,” the second track from Read Southall Band’s upcoming album For The Birdsbut today, they’re back with one more.

We’ve been blessed with three singles from the album thus far, the aforementioned “DLTYG,” “Where We Belong,” and “Stickin’ n Movin’.”

Now, they’re releasing single number four, titled “Rose Gold.”

Southall went in-depth about the new single:

“That’s the first love song I ever wrote.

It’s love gone right! I’ve been really good at the heartbreak side, but I often backed down from writing a feel-good song. It’s cool to jump on that side of things.

It began as a sonic exploration that eventually landed us in a place that was totally new to us, and yet still felt very much like home. A deeper, more vibrant place for us to live creatively. It’s an experience each time we play it. We hope it pulls at you as it did us.”

Southall admits that the pandemic last year really put things into perspective, allowing him and his band to put things into perspective, and try out new sounds that they would not have tried before if it weren’t for a pause on touring:

“I don’t think we would be a band without this album.

I think for a while we were just focused on touring, getting out there and we didn’t take care of the music as needed. In a way, we needed that year off the road. We made an album and just worked. We refocused and decided this is what we want to be doing.

We came up with For the Birds because it’s been so long and we were worried that nobody’s waiting for us… So maybe this record is ‘for the birds.’ If you like it, you like it. It is what it is. For us, it’s six individuals making tunes.”

The Oklahoma based southern rock band is gearing up to release their third studio album, For The Birds, on October 22.

We even have a full track-list out now. Stay tuned, October 22 can’t get here fast enough.

1 – For the Birds


3 – Out of My Mind

4 – Rose Gold

5 – C’est La Vie

6 – Where We Belong

7 – Stickin’ n Movin’

8 – Here We Are (There We Went)

9 – High-Speed Feed

10 – Josephine

11 – Right or Wrong

12 – Time to Kill

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