Billy Currington Gets Back To His Country Roots With New Single “City Don’t”

Billy Currington country music
Rob Persaud

Getting back to his roots.

Billy Currington had quite the string of #1 hits since 2005’s “Must Be Doin’ Something Right” topped the charts. He followed it up “Good Directions” in 2006, and “People Are Crazy” in 2009, and a handful more. However, not since 2016 has he had a hit that topped the country charts, and his 2021 album was a serious departure from the country sound that brought him into the spotlight.

Essentially a synth pop and EDM project, it was pretty out of left field and pretty… bad. Call it a passion project, call it a career-reviving Hail Mary attempt that failed, call it whatever you want… it was just bad.

However, it seems as Currington has made another 180 with the release of his newest single “City Don’t.”

And you guessed it, the song’s lyrics talk about everything the city can’t give you.

The laid-back melody combined with Currington’s vocals takes you back to traditional 2010 country that sounds like backroad driving with the windows down, a lane much more in Currington’s wheelhouse. There is just something about looking up in the sky and seeing all the stars while sitting in an open field… and Billy Currington does his best to capture the beauty of country living.

The comparisons between the two living landscapes provide a catchy chorus that will make you instantly hum along.

“They got five stars, we got millions
They got nice bars, we got sippin’ straight out of a can
On somebody’s land with a homegrown girl
And a God-made tan singin’, “Goodbye Earl”
Got everything I need, everything I could want
‘Cause the country does something for me, the city don’t
Ah, the city don’t.”

Take a listen:

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A beer bottle on a dock