Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway Releases Third Single, “San Joaquin,” From Forthcoming Album ‘City Of Gold’

Molly Tuttle country music
Molly Tuttle

The third single from Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway’s forthcoming album is here.

The highly anticipated City of Gold album is being released on July 21st, and every single that has come out thus far is previewing the bluegrass perfection this album is about to hold.

After Molly Tuttle and her band won Best Bluegrass Album at the Grammy Awards for Crooked Treeleaving fans expecting a phenomenal follow-up. Tuttle has taken the challenge in stride with the first two single releases for the upcoming album, and the third release, “San Joaquin,” highlights the fundamental sound of modern-day bluegrass effortlessly.

“I’ve always loved singing songs about trains and this one takes place in my home state of California.

Ketch and I had the idea for writing ‘San Joaquin’ while looking at a map of different train lines that run through the state. Ketch loves writing geographical songs and I have many fond memories of road trips taken through the Central Valley when I was a kid, so we dreamed up this story of a wild ride down the San Joaquin railway.”

Tuttle shared to her Instagram along with a clip from the studio session.

San Joaquin, California, is known as the backbone of California’s agricultural industry. But, more importantly, the town was heavily involved in the Gold Rush and still holds one of the most influential gold mining rivers.

The bluegrass band plays into the theft that could happen on the river while mining and the trouble that workers could get into through the lyrics.

“Riding on the San Joaquin
Bringing in some Humboldt green
Watch out for that bully; he’ll pick your pockets clean
Toss you in Tehachapi
When I get to Richmond
I’ll be gold Soon as this suitcase is sold
‘Til then, I’m rolling down the line
Just looking for the next high time
Riding on the San Joaquin”

With complex picking licks, the band curates layered sound through the melodies and with three-part harmonies.

I am very thrilled to see what else is in store with the tracks from this album.

City Of Gold Tracklist:

1. El Dorado
2. Where Did All the Wild Things Go?
3. San Joaquin
4. Yosemite (feat. Dave Matthews)
5. Next Rodeo
6. When My Race Is Run
7. Alice in the Bluegrass
8. Stranger Things
9. Down Home Dispensary
10. More Like a River
11. Goodbye, Mary
12. Evergreen, OK
13. The First Time I Fell in Love

If you hope to see Molly Tuttle on stage, here are the upcoming cities you can find her in.

July 6th – Sheboygan, WI
July 7th- Harbor Springs, MI
July 14th- Columbia Falls, MT
July 15th- Whitefish, MT
July 16th- Ketchum, ID
July 18th- Boise, ID
July 21st- Redding, CA
July 22nd- Redmond, OR
July 30th- Lyons, CO
August 3rd- Corning, CA
August 4th- Stateline, NV
August 8th- Bozeman, MT
August 9th- Missoula, MT
August 12th- Edmonton, AB, Canada
August 18th- Chicago, IL
August 19th- Wellston, MI
August 21st- Richmond, VA
August 22nd- Cincinnati, OH

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