Hockey Podcast Has No Idea It’s Interviewing Chicago Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson Ahead Of NHL Draft In Nashville

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The 2023 NHL Draft will take place tonight in Nashville, Tennessee at Bridgestone Arena, home of the Nashville Predators.

(Editor’s note: Happy Connor Bedard Day to my fellow Blackhawks fans)

Teams across the National Hockey League are excited to bring on new young players to help them in their quest for the Stanley Cup. Round one of the draft will be broadcast on ESPN tonight, while rounds two through seven will get an earlier start tomorrow and wrap up tomorrow night.

The event, which will feature the Chicago Blackhawks choosing who (Connor Bedard) they want to take first with the number one pick, has brought an influx of hockey fans and NHL management to the Music City.

Broadway will certainly be flowing with hockey die-hards tonight, and earlier this week, the general manager for the Chicago Blackhawks Kyle Davidson was even wandering the streets of Downtown Nashville.

And someone who interviewed him “man on the street” style had no idea it was him, which made for quite the hilarious interview.

The video of Davidson staying anonymous and still going along with the questions has gone viral on social media, and for good reason. Props to the Blackhawks GM, because he pulls off this interview flawlessly.

“Kyle from Chicago” is asked questions like:

-Have you ever been to Nashville for a Blackhawks game?

-How much do you know about hockey on a scale from 1 to 10? (to which he hilariously answers “I’ve had people tell me I don’t know anything”)

-Name as many hockey players as you can in 20 seconds

-What’s one change you would make to the NHL right now?

-Do you think that the league rigged the draft in favor of the Chicago Blackhawks?

All of the answers that he gives are tremendous, so you’ll have to watch to see how Davidson works his way through the interview:

Absolute gold.

The guy who was interviewing Davidson, Alex Daugherty, eventually figured out that he had just unknowingly interviewed the NHL GM, and took to Twitter to share both his embarrassment and his laughter about the situation:

“This is, without question, the most hilariously spontaneous thing that’s ever happened in my hockey career.

Folks… I had no idea who this man was. And it ended up being the GM of the Blackhawks.”

I still can’t get over that this happened, and I think I might have just found my new favorite NHL general manager. Twitter users agreed, saying:

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