Hockey Fans Call The NHL Draft “Rigged” After Chicago Blackhawks Get #1 Pick (AKA Connor Bedard)

Connor Bedard
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We’re gonna take a quick break from our regularly scheduled country music and outdoors coverage to bring you a little NHL draft news because… Connor Bedard is coming home to CHICAGO.

As most of our loyal Whiskey Riffers know, this company was founded in Chicago originally, and we actually have quite a large following here in the Second City.

Whiskey Riff HQ is in Denver, Colorado these days, but I’m still a die-hard Blackhawks fan, and floating on  cloud nine right about now.

Why? Two words…. Connor Bedard.

The 2023 NHL Draft lottery was on tonight, also known as the Connor Bedard sweepstakes, and with just an 11.5% chance of snagging the top pick, the Blackhawks got ‘er done.

The lottery odds this season were: 1. Anaheim Ducks: 18.5%; 2. Columbus Blue Jackets: 13.5%; 3. Chicago Blackhawks: 11.5%; 4. San Jose Sharks: 9.5%; 5. Montreal Canadiens: 8.5%

Bedard is regarded as a generational talent, like Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Patrick Kane, and Connor McDavid have been in recent years. He’s the kind of player that can immediately turn around a struggling franchise.

Not to mention free agents might be more willing to come to Chicago if they get to play with a guy like Bedard. Or maybe a certain #88 wants to come back home (a guy can dream, right?)

Fans took to Twitter to immediately blast the league for “rigging” the draft, and to be fair, the broadcast was a little bizarre:

Kinda weird, right? They didn’t even show Columbus getting the 3rd pick.

Totally legit though…

Hockey fans across North America were PISSED that he’ll be headed to Chicago:

Gotta love it.

Welcome to Chicago, kid.

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