Blacktip Reef Sharks Ambush Young Stingray & Leave Nothing Behind

shark stingray

That didn’t seem like it was very fair.

The ocean is quite the scary place, and this young stingray found that out the hard way. The stingray was just minding its business when a violent group of Blacktip Reef sharks came swimming along.

Honestly, the video is pretty tough to watch. You kind of feel bad for the stingray as it is forced to take on not one, not two, not three, but four sharks at once.

That would be a tough test for a fully grown adult stingray, let alone a small juvenile one. The thing didn’t stand the chance when the sharks started moving in one by one.

If anything, this goes to show how effective teamwork can be. Clearly the sharks huddled up before they launched the attack, and had a hell of a game plan when they said “break” and ganged up on the poor, innocent stingray.

There are a couple of things that are pretty terrifying about this shark attack footage:

First, the whole thing went down in pretty shallow water, and I don’t know where this went down, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the water next time I put my toes in

And the sharks don’t leave a trace of the stingray behind. They completely erase the thing in a matter of seconds. One moment the stingray is there, the next it’s gone. Again, you won’t be seeing me rush into the deep blue sea next time I visit.

Just as fast as the sharks launched their attack, they quickly swim back out towards deeper water after they demolish the stingray. I’d say they are probably off to their next unsuspecting victim based on how fast they seem to work.

The video was posted on Scary Underwater (scary indeed) on Twitter, with the caption:

“A pack of Blacktip reef sharks successfully hunt a juvenile stingray in an intense ambush.”

Those in the replies of the shark video could barely believe their eyes as they saw this shark attack video, saying:

That’s exactly right. R.I.P. Steve Irwin…

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