Pink At A Loss For Words After Fan Throws Their Mother’s Ashes On Stage


You never know what is going to happen at a concert…

Artists and musicians always try to keep fans on their toes, changing up set lists from gig to gig and creating an on-stage experience that ropes concert-goers in for the long haul. However, it isn’t often that a fan’s interaction with someone on stage almost brings a performance to a screeching holt.

That’s exactly what happened at a recent P!NK concert, as the pop artist was singing her hit song “Just Like a Pill.” As always, the singer was rocking out with her fans, right up until a plastic bag filled with some sort of powdery substance was thrown onto the stage’s walkway.

Pink walks over to the plastic bag, clearly concerned, and leans down to pick it up. There must have been some sort of writing on the bag, because as she picked it up and looked over in the direction of the fan that threw it, she shockingly asks in the middle of the song:

“Is this your mom? I don’t know how I feel about this.”

Yep, that’s right.

A fan threw a bag of her mother’s ashes up on stage with Pink. Right in the middle of the song “Just Like a Pill,” of which Pink professionally continues on with after confronting the fan.

Take a look:

I’ve got so many questions.

Is it possible that the mother requested for her ashes to be spread across a stage that Pink was performing on?

And going even deeper, was the daughter supposed to do it during this particular song? If so, what is the mother’s connection with “Just Like a Pill?”

We might not ever know what drove the fan to share her mom’s remains with Pink, but what I do know is that if concert-goers keep chucking stuff on stage at artists, pretty soon live music will start to have those plastic Covid-19 screens that you used to see all over public places.

And if things like this keep happening, or like when Bebe Rexha got hit in the face with a phone, I see those screens being installed sooner rather than later…

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