49ers Running Back, Christian McCaffrey, Takes The Stage With Zach Bryan At Red Rocks

Zach Bryan country music
Reno Boyd

Another celebrity addition to the Zach Bryan stage.

Last night Zach Bryan brought the roof down during his Red Rocks stop on the Burn, Burn, Burn tour. The last time the artist took to the amphitheater stage, the show was filled with magical moments as snow fell during the show.

This time he took the stage was no different, if not more magical. From crazed fans traveling all over to see him at this iconic venue, including Christian McCaffrey, NFL running back for the San Francisco 49ers, joining Bryan on stage during “Revival.”

As many people may have picked up on now, Bryan has been closing his sets on stage with “Revival,” and he has been letting those backstage have some part in the night’s final performance.

Usually, it’s those in the public eye maybe singing along with Zach Bryan, but last night McCaffrey kicked up the invitation to the stage and took to the keys.

However, this was not the football player’s first time sharing his musical ability.

In 2021, he hosted a benefit concert for his charity organization, 22 and Troops, which supports active military, veterans, and frontline workers to overcome trauma and PTSD.

Bryan even commented on his musical ability prior to partnering with him on his charity concert about the running back’s talent.

“Honestly, last night when we were talkin’, I was like, ‘Man, I was impressed when he came up and played like he did. I was like, ‘No way he can play.’

But he came into the room, and he killed it. And we just had a really good time, and it was cool.”

Clearly, Bryan was impressed enough to pull him back onto the stage for a piano solo in front of nearly ten thousand people.

And McCaffrey absolutely killed it.

Another version of “Revival” that will go into the books as one of the greats from this tour.

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